Music and Internet

Internet is an enormous resource of information and media. In earlier times, the range of internet was restricted only to the text and basic images. These days, the huge web has become more of presentation and interactive platform. Plethora of such multimedia is available online including GUI based sites, flash based animations, online videos and musical sites.

Music is one form of expression that one cannot ignore. It is definitely an art form through sound which can be found in nearly all cultures around the globe. Some even claim that music has healing powers and divinity. Whatever it may mean to a person, music is surely a very important component of our lives.

Classically, the music was played live in front of the audience which restricted the audience due to traveling and attending costs. Then came the technology of record playing which enabled people to play music at their leisure using Gramophones. The record players were bulky and costly and the records were mostly breakable and bulky as well. moreover the storage capacity of these records was quite limited. To replace this technology, there came the cassette playing which took the market with a blast. Cassettes had magnetic tape wound in them which could store many songs and they often had two sides which could be switched. Following the times of cassette playing came the era of CDs and DVDs on which the data (music) was stored using optical etching methods. This could be read by the computers and CD/DVD players using the reflections over the media. They offered huge storage capacities and could often contain hundreds of songs in one disc.

The modern times: Gone are the times when one had to exchange physical media devices to enjoy music. Since the internet is so common around the globe, everyone can simply surf the internet and listen/download music online without having to go to the music shops or to get into the hassles of handling and maintaining the media devices. There are tremendous number of web sites from where anyone can buy music comfortably through online money transfer. That being said, there are many popular sites which offer music for free, as well! The huge site Youtube is one such site where one can find nearly all video/audio songs of which most are free and others can be rented at economical costs.

Internet surely has changed our music habits and has made it very easy for us to listen to our favorite songs/music at our leisure.

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